Science, Technology and Gender: Challenges and Opportunities

FEMMSS5/CSWIP 2014: Call for Proposals

Submission deadline February 15, 2014

Submissions are invited for the 2014 meeting of the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy to be held at the University of Waterloo, August 10 to 13, 2014.  We welcome feminist papers, posters, panels and workshops related to Science, Technology and Gender. Conference presentations are eligible for submission for consideration and review in a resulting anthology or special journal issue. Topics can include but need not be limited to:

Challenges to and challenging scientific literacy
Implicit bias and stereotype threat
Creating equitable Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics organizations and institutions
Gender, oppression, and the public understanding of science
Rhetoric, argumentation, and gendered communication
Epistemologies of ignorance
Policy of/for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Intersectionality in practice and study of science and technology
The ethics and politics of science and technology
Science, technology and global justice
Feminist methodologies in the humanities, social and natural sciences
Production of biological “differences”
Feminist scholarship of teaching and learning
Professional development (ex. Effective interdisciplinary communication/teaching/research)

Submission instructions

You are permitted one submission, unless you are submitting a poster.  If you are submitting a poster, you can additionally submit an abstract for a paper, panel, or workshop.


To submit please go to and sign up for an account.  If you have questions, email

·      Individual papers and posters:  Please provide a title, 300-word abstract, and 3-10 keywords. At the beginning of the abstract please indicate if your submission is a poster.  There is no need to upload anything, so please tick the box that says, “abstract only.”

·      Panels:  Please provide a title, 300-word abstract, and 3-10 keywords for the panel as a whole.  Also, upload a single document that includes the title and 300-word abstract for each paper. Please take care not to identify authors.

·      Workshops:  Please provide a title, 300-word abstract describing the workshop rationale, and 3-10 keywords.  Also, upload a 300-word description of the activities in which your audience will engage. Please take care not to identify authors.

This conference will be held in conjunction with FEMMSS5.