17 thoughts on “Girls talk, boys talk

  1. Focusing on the girls list…..it is painfully hard to believe this is from TODAY’S girls, but sounds more like the ignorant, naive pre-60’s over-protected girls’ childhood….

    Also, what stands out is the amount of ARTIFICIAL objects that fill girls’ experiences and minds……..so pathetically little of natural phenomenon are noticed and engaged with……how sad…….and thus, noticeably scarce in human meaning and values….

  2. Can I swear here?
    Jesus Fucking Christ! Who are these people?
    It sits up there with yesterday’s article in The Guardian about how Saudi women don’t want to be allowed to drive because society, their honour, their femininity, the solar system, all will just go to pieces.

  3. Dear Diary,
    Stereotypes bubble up in my heart like birds whose magic wings reflect the glittering jewels of jaundiced sunshine – you know, the kind of sunshine that precedes tornadoes. Alas, all the dolls at my party have stomped the furry bunnies in their mad dancing protest against the patriarchy, their candy-colored shoes now bloodied, their lemonade gone sour and the sherbet all melted on the table, their hair alight with the sparkle of a precious flaming rage. The atmosphere is polluted with the perfume of their ire, like cooking left too long on the stove. The fairies wave wands over it all, making music to cheer the dolls on in their destruction, while I apply goth make-up in the corner, my lipstick black like my mood. Where, oh where, the angry dolls cry, will we find friends who will take us to rainbow’s end, where there must be more we can destroy?

    The Queen of All Things Girl

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