Wondering how to improve the environment in your department?

There’s a new blog, Philosophical Spaces, to help you do that.  A team of philosophers with experience in these matters have got together to offer advice in response to reader queries.  The idea isn’t that they tell you the one right way to do this.  In fact, as is already apparent, they disagree amongst themselves.  But the idea is that you can go there to pose questions that you have, and get a few suggestions.  Or you can drop by to see what other people are wondering about, and get some ideas for things to do.  There’s a FAQ here.

Initial questions concern job letters, socialising in bars, non-tenure track labour and sexual harassment.  Go have a look!  And do feel free to send in some questions.

2 thoughts on “Wondering how to improve the environment in your department?

  1. What a fabulous idea! Thank you all for the work and commitment that went into this site. It makes me happy to see concrete steps toward making things better.

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