Gender segregation for Turkish students.

The Turkish PM Erdogan is in touch with what his people want. Worried about mothers and fathers’ feeling, and what the neighbours might think, he is pushing for separate dorms for male and female university students.

But what about male and female students who live together in private housing without being married? If neighbours complain, then the police should look into it.

Answering a journalist’s complaint that this wouldn’t be legal, especially if the students in question are over 18, the PM replied that

his government would, if necessary, push for legal changes to allow the inspection of houses where male and female students live together.

Read the rest of this debacle here.

One thought on “Gender segregation for Turkish students.

  1. Erdogan’s conservative Islamic tendencies on this and other issues is clear. What’s at issue is equality and the freedom of women. This alleged dormitory issue is being manipulated for political ends… you would be hard pushed to find any mixed dormitories in student facilities in Turkey. What appears to be going on is pandering to neighborhood prejudices. Due to shortage of accommodation some students share space in homes and this has resulted in neighborhood gossip and complaints.

    According to opposition CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the real target is mixed education.

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