Good guidance on teaching triggering issues?

I’m working to develop some guidance for teaching triggering issues, to use at my university (hopefully not just in the philosophy department, though that would be a good start). Does anyone know of universities that have set out good guidance policies on this? Some links would be super-lovely if so!

2 thoughts on “Good guidance on teaching triggering issues?

  1. I second this request! I always try to be as sensitive as possible to things that may trigger students. With certain things (like films) I do make sure to warn students in advance about content that may be triggering and make it clear that they should feel free to let me know if they would rather not watch the film (we will often work out an alternative assignment on the rare occasions a student takes me up on this) but I would love to hear what others do especially when dealing with issues like sexual assault, abortion,* and body image issues.

    *One of you recommended a piece by Hilde Lindemann that was quite good, thanks for that!

  2. I would recommend looking to scholarship on teaching trauma, especially teaching the Holocaust.

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