4 thoughts on “Watch bell hooks and Melissa Harris Perry discuss feminism

  1. Btw, if anyone wants to see the episode of Perry’s show which hooks and Perry are discussing (and for which Perry was widely criticized for ‘losing it’), you can see it here:

    I found it by searching for ‘Melissa Harris Perry meltdown’. [sigh]

  2. Okay I just watched the whole thing straight through (and I was decently tired when I started) and it was *that* good and there are so many parts that I want to go back and write down because it was just so really, really, darn good.

    Here’s one quote from the end:

    “So Thomas Jefferson is vile. He just…he owns his own children at various points. […] But […] he didn’t write a document that says, ‘We think that maybe possibly old white men with money are equal in a few kinda ways and maybe they can get government to [etc, etc.] That’s what the constitution says [laughter], but the Declaration of Independence has a moral imagination beyond the empirical reality of the 1776 Monticello Mountain.”

    They also talked about writing, and the need to for women to prioritize emotional well-being, and how we try to shame poor Black women into feeling like they deserve to be alone because they made bad choices, and they “exactingly” said F*** that noise, and they talked about how to distinguish between masculinity and patriarchy, and how bell hooks doesn’t necessarily feel like she can rely on white publishers to safeguard her legacy after she is gone, and …

    Seriously if any of that sounds interesting find and hour and half and just sit down and watch it.

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