Lots and lots of men are speaking at NYU

NYU is hosting a lot of gendered events. A lot. So many that I’m not going to create separate posts for all of them, because I have other things to do with my time. Scroll through these pages for all the details:



Some of the gendered events aren’t particularly problematic – for example, those that only involve two speakers. But the overall picture is pretty striking (on the ‘Research Workshops’ page I counted 34 events, only 8 of which, by my quick count, involved any women), as is the number of multi-speaker events with no women speaking.


UPDATE:¬†Several people have asked that we clarify this post to emphasize that it is the New York Institute of Philosophy, and not the NYU philosophy department, which is hosting these events. (NB: The original post doesn’t mention the NYU philosophy department. It just says that lots of men are speaking at NYU. Which they are.) So just to be clear: these events are put on by the NYIP, and hosted at NYU, but not organized by the NYU philosophy department. According to their website, “The New York Institute of Philosophy is a research center housed within the NYU Department of Philosophy. It funds multi-year research projects on particular themes, as well as public lectures, conferences and workshops.”