New Book on Feminist Early Modern Philosophy

The blog Feminist History of Philosophy has a short blurb of a new book, The Equality of the Sexes: Three feminist texts of the seventeenth century, edited by Desmond Clarke.
(a link to the book on Amazon here.)

I am personally excited because I’ve always wanted to read something by Poulain de la Barre, who was quoted by de Beauvoir in her epigraph for The Second Sex:

“All that has been written about women by men should be suspect, for the men are at once judge and party to the lawsuit”


(you can view the epigraph here if you browse through the book’s preview.)


3 thoughts on “New Book on Feminist Early Modern Philosophy

  1. In my post I refrained from making a comment about it being typical that the first French feminist writer should be a man! He is ubiquitous and his name turns up in a lot of French discussions of the history of feminism. I’ve avoided him so far, but like you, I’m quite excited that I’ll finally get to meet him!

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