3 thoughts on ““Princess Machine”

  1. Hmmm……nice idea, for the very wealthy who have ‘no time’ or patience to sit with their daughters and create their own stuff from recycled materials………

    But the excessive extent of this ‘showcase’ with the excess of pinks, pastels and plastics are just too sacharin, and has presented a total fantasy world that doesn’t feel accessible to most little girls ANYWHERE……….in short, an advertisement, cheaply trying to appeal to our concern for girls’ futures as women who need to survive and thrive —–yet much too gaudy to even be anything other than surreal..

  2. I don’t know, I am pretty sure my mom had bought me that many pink items by the time I was that age. I am pretty sure I had more tea sets than the British Royal family. So the collections of cloying frilly stuff seemed very familiar to me and doesn’t seem in the least bit far fetched.

    I have been following the goldieblox project since it was introduced on Kickstart. I like it. I tried to buy legos & G.I.Joes for myself as a child and my mom would always get mad at me for buying the wrong thing. The goldieblox are purple and pink and maybe mothers’ like mine, who are afraid of breaking gender stereotypes might let educational toys creep into with the ones for domestic training.

    What I found funny was that a song that goes out of its way to objectify women was rewritten for this commercial to empower them. I am not really sure how I feel about that…even though I did like the Beastie Boys when I was a kid.

  3. This particular add bugs me, but I like the Goldie Blox project over all. My neice took to it immediately. It’s too bad the solid psychology involved in the toy — girls like narratives — has not role in this ad, and it’s getting all the press.

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