2 thoughts on “Amy serves up some advice

  1. I have a hard time reading that letter and believing it is real. Especially given Amy Dickinson’s general style. Any person who reads her column (and therefore would consider writing to it) would have to already have a pretty clear idea of what the response was going to be. Not that it makes the response less valid – honestly I think she could have heaped on a whole lot more – only that I’m not sure that the invention of straw men (or mothers) in this debate really gets us anywhere. There’s enough real, live, horrible happening to gay men and women without us imagining up more. And if this was, indeed, invented, the even worse potential impact is that it undermines efforts to address the actual cases like this, especially were it found out. (Imagine the Fox News headline: “Liberal media invents horrible parents to advance the gay agenda!”)

  2. Dana, I considered that before I posted it–but then I figured, I’ve heard people saying things very, very, close to this IRL, so I find it plausible that someone would be so ignorant as to seriously write this in to Ask Amy.

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