Gendered Advertising Remix

This website lets you take the sound from one commercial and the video for another, to experience a a gendered advertising mash-up. One of my favorite combinations is the audio for the Battleground: Catapults and Crossbows and the video for the Barbie Glitter hair dryer.

(Here’s a remixer just for gendered Lego advertising. )

2 thoughts on “Gendered Advertising Remix

  1. It shows how deep we’ve sunk into fantasy and delusion…..these kids are mindlessly being driven into the most absurd exaggeration of what matters in life ……..

    It also presents life as if females live in a totally separate world from males…..( Mars and Venus….)………..’trouble is, we’re all stuck here in one reality which neither males nor females are being prepared for realistically or usefully !!

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