Help me publish

Not me, personally. It’s the name of an app. Here’s the announcement:

“The Department of Philosophy at the University of Otago is pleased to announce their development of a Philosophy subject database for the HMP mobile app which launches internationally today. 

HelpMePublish is a ‘crowdsourced’ database listing over 5300 academic journals in 13 subject areas. 

The database displays live data as it is contributed by journal editors (including acceptance rates and refereeing policies) and academics via the app’s built-in journal rating questionnaire. 

We’ve built it, but if HelpMePublish is to be a valuable resource for the research community, we need you to contribute your experience as a publishing researcher. 

For more information about the HelpMePublish project go to”

3 thoughts on “Help me publish

  1. Using the app for a single subject area costs $10 per year! I am not contributing usage data to a service that is so tightly closed.

  2. Yeah the payment part seems like a mistake. I can’t bring myself to pay $10 a year for the privilege of filling their survey app with data. A crowd sourced database like this would never be $10 if it were a website. The polls on Leiter’s website about journal rankings don’t cost money to vote in or see the results of. I guess I’ll try the app out anyway, but without paying

  3. Whatever. You need iOS 7 to use it so I can’t install it. It also isn’t set up for the iPad anyway, and there’s no way I’m gonna spend any time on it like that. Will be interesting to know what they have (or collect?) on philosophy journals (if anything), which will no doubt end up on blog posts anyway if it is anything surprising or informative.

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