Boys Clubs of all sorts and stripes

See the Tumblr BOYS CLUBS: “Corners of the world where women have yet to tread. Shine a light.”

Some sample recent entries: Seaworld Entertainment’s entire management team, the entire executive committee at Novartis, and everybody whom TIME magazine considers important in food.

It’s worth a look and you can send in your own contributions. Maybe we should add some Philosophy Departments?

5 thoughts on “Boys Clubs of all sorts and stripes

  1. The Tumblr site got the TIME thing wrong. Aida Batlle, Amrita Patel, Vandana Shiva, and Ertharin Cousin all made TIME’s “gods” of food list. (Not goddesses, apparently.)
    The *chef* club is still a boys club. And the explanation of why Alice Waters is not among the world’s most influential chefs was not very enlightening, I thought.

  2. It’s a good list to keep on hand to display for when women want to set up or preserve ‘women’s clubs’ for various reasons, and we’re given the argument that we exclude ourselves from society or that we’re anti-men.

    As men all too often ‘insulate’ themselves from female memberships, so women have the perfect justification for the same.

  3. Heavens!! the list is ENDLESS…….and thumbing through it is quite intimidating………or is it just me and my own insecurities……..?!

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