Porn and non-Porn: not a dilemma, but something very odd

Magicalersatz drew our attention to what seems to some of us a bizarre cover for an edition of a book by Kant.  Somehow in trying to find out what was happening I found two sites that combine serious academic topics – in one case even academic papers – with porn.  In fact, there are only two so far, but I am really wondering what is going on.  Perhaps these sites are just ways of working out fantasies.  Porn, one might want to say to students, is porn, whatever other pieces in a narrative might be doing.

Before I mention the websites, a word of caution inspired by a comment in the original post.  First of all, looking at the sites at work might cause some problems.  We are talking about porn, no doubt about it.  Secondly, I think it could well be triggering.  If you have every gotten into a sexually tinged power struggle – whether or not it’s led to rape – the whole association might be very upsetting.  There’s usually a huge difference between finding intelligence sexy and finding intellectual stature provoking, where in the latter case the provocation may lead to abuse..   I think both sites might invite memories of the second sort of encounter.

The first site is by someone who at least at one point seems to have been a professional philosopher, with reviews, and maybe a book??

The second has parts of  quite solid papers in cognitive psychology/neuroscience along with thoroughly pornographic pictures some of which have a bit of a story line.  One chief character is Dr. Scienide, who is a Florida psychiatrist, he (?) says.

I have found a vaguely related discussion from about 10 years ago here.  Let us know if you know of more recent and more relevant writing.