6 thoughts on “Women in Philosophy

  1. My first thought was, Oh, this is quite wonderful (although to be frank I am dubious about the pictures labelled Damaris Masham and Mary Astell.) But theni started thinking, looking at the pictures of the present day women, You know, there are a whole lot more of us than are pictured here. I’m not quite sure what message is being sent.

  2. It’s a tumblr that you can submit pictures to. It seems (I think?) to be to be a crowdsourcing attempt to compile a group of photos of female philosophers. And that seems like a really lovely idea to me.

    Of course there are a whole lot more women in philosophy than are pictured on the tumblr right now. So we should submit pictures to help it expand its representation!

  3. Maybe women of color will find the site a beautiful and inspiring sign of progress. (Even Alice Walker is included.)

  4. Just looked at the archive. It looks to have been active only January-March 2012. Strange we never knew about it back then!

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