8 thoughts on “APA– how’s it going?

  1. I’m having a great time at home with my two kids. Good luck to all the job seekers out there! I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  2. (In case that’s not obvious, the above comment is sincere. I’m really glad to not to have to be at the Eastern, and I hope things work out for people who do have to be there.)

  3. This could have something to do with the fact that this year’s hotel has far less open, communal space than last year’s (and the year before in DC), but my biggest impression is that there are far fewer people here than in previous years.

    Also, I’ve heard some interesting papers on the topics of feminism and vulnerability, and disestablishing marriage.

  4. I was there only for one day (to go to a session I’d organized) but thought the attendance at the panels was pretty good, and there seemed to be good crowds in the book display and at the smoker. The physical set-up of the hotel was less than ideal, but it felt better attended (and less gloomy) than last year in Atlanta did, at least to me.

  5. I’ve done almost the exact opposite of what’s typical (attended early morning sessions; tended to skip late afternoon sessions), so you probably have a better read on attendance.

  6. I have to say that I thought this year’s APA — as far as how things were laid out — was one of the best I have ever been to…everything was nearby and easy to get to and didn’t require a lot of navigation. The Baltimore Marriott seems really pleasant and I thought that the area around it was superb (lots of places to eat, within easy walking distance).

    And yes, certainly almost anything would have been an improvement over Atlanta.

  7. Alison Wylie was honored as the Distinguished Woman Philosopher. Sally Haslanger gave the Presidential Address. Eva Kittay and Anita Silvers won the Lebowitz and gave a terrific session on disability. Two excellent sessions sponsored by the Committee on the Status of Black Philosophers. Anthony Appiah is the Carus lecturer with the third lecture today. Many other sessions on diversity issues and particular women philosophers (Beauvoir, Calkins, Cavendish, etc.). A pretty great year at the Eastern, I think.

  8. This is a great eastern APA, with a much more diverse program, not only in participants but in topics. The tenor of the discussion was excellent at the sessions I’ve attended. It’s fun. The keynotes– Sally Haslanger’s Presidential Address, Anthiny Appiah’s 3 Carus lectures, and Amelie Rorty’s Dewey lecture– all set a great tone and agenda. This isn’t the same old APA. Kudos to Mary Kate McGowan and the entire program committee! Also, the placement activity seems less prominent, I think we’ll hear stats showing that fewer departments were interviewing here and more were doing skype. So the anxiety pitch seems lower.

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