Sally Haslanger’s Presidential Address!

If you, like me, have been sad about missing Sally Haslanger’s Presidential Address to the Eastern APA,I’m here to provide some cheer!  Sally has posted her handout, and if you know Sally’s handouts you know this will give quite a lot of the awesomeness of her paper!  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Sally Haslanger’s Presidential Address!

  1. Since I did attend the address, let me just add some encouragement to view the handout. The address was a great example of philosophical work in its own right, integrated neatly with a call for more philosophical action. The handout reproduces most of the substance of the address.

  2. I am a little puzzled by something at the end. Sally writes:

    We need critique, critique of ordinary schemas, but also philosophical schemas. Philosophical concepts don’t exist in a vacuum. They not only organize our thinking, but are also enacted in our social world; they
    are embedded in our social practices; they structure our lives. So we need to critique the very philosophical concepts we study, and not just take them as given. Consider, e.g., knowledge, mind, body (!), person, nature, objectivity, justice, responsibility, freedom, agency, autonomy, morality in addition to the thicker concepts we use in everyday life: family, mother/father, abortion.

    What puzzles me is that I don’t understand who the target is here. I would have thought philosophy was already in the business of critiquing such concepts. Can anyone help?

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