Innovations in inclusive curriculum to be rewarded by the AAP

Commencing in 2014, the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) offers
an annual prize of $1500 for the development of innovative approaches to
teaching philosophy. This is offered with a view to exploring ways in which
undergraduate courses in philosophy can build the understanding and
practise of an inclusive discipline, concerned to foster equal
participation in the profession. The aims of the prize are to encourage
professionals developing and improving their teaching portfolios to
consider critically how philosophy is presented, and to be innovative in
implementing practices of teaching that off-set well-known disparities of
participation in the discipline, for instance along race and gender lines.

The prize is open to individuals, or groups of individuals, teaching
undergraduate philosophy courses in Australasian Universities (in
Australia, New Zealand and Singapore).

Entries/nominations for the prize close on *30th March 2014*. More
information can be found on the AAP page at: