Underrepresented Philosophers Database

Malcolm Keating has built upon Helen DeCruz’s excellent work to create a really wonderful database we can all go contribute to!

The purpose of this website is to collect the names and works of philosophers underrepresented in philosophy courses at the undergraduate level. By incorporating more works by philosophers belonging to typically underrepresented groups, it may be possible to combat stereotype threat and improve retention of women, persons of color, and others who are historically minorities in philosophy.

Through this website, you may

add names of, and works by, underrepresented philosophers
search for philosophers (by a number of criteria)
view demographic information for the philosophers.

This will only work if we all do our bit by adding ourselves, and others! Also, do let Malcolm know about other things you’d like the database to include. It’s a work in progress, and he’s eager for it to evolve in response to the needs of the community!

But before you go rush off to add lots of other people, do note that due to privacy concerns you should only add yourself or historical figures.