Academic Kindness

The Tumblr.  Here’s one of the posts:

While doing my comps, I found myself in need of an obscure, unpublished Ph.D. I was still figuring out Proquest and I was trying to figure out a way to order it from the university. As I was doing this, I sent a brief email to a very senior scholar whose work deals with the material in this dissertation and asked if he could recommend the best way to find a copy of it. Instead, he sent the entire dissertation to me by mail – in two packages because it took him a while to photocopy the whole thing (I should also note that I live in a different country, so it would not have been cheap to send). A very kind and unexpected gesture!

One thought on “Academic Kindness

  1. I’m very interested in the idea of increasing caring and respect with universities.
    On the way back from the APA meeting in Baltimore, i met someone from a major oil company’s ‘encouraging innovation’ department. His company seems prepared to back investigations into how this is done.

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