6 thoughts on “Reader query: activities for women in philosophy group

  1. Our WIP group (at U of Oklahoma) tends to do 3 things: get together for coffee/tea/snacks at a cozy restaurant near campus, discuss a reading (sometimes – not at the craziest times of the semester), and/or have a brown bag lunch in our department lounge. It’s nice to have a chance to get away from the department, but it’s also nice to claim space within the department.

    Another thing that I thing would be good is to workshop people’s work in progress.

    When it comes to readings, Kristie Dotson’s papers “How Is This Paper Philosophy?” and “Concrete Flowers: Contemplating the Profession of Philosophy” are a great place to start.

  2. The citation info for “Concrete Flowers” is Hypatia 26 (2):403-409 (2011).

    sxj656’s first link above will take you to the complete version of “How Is This Paper Philosophy?”

    Kristie also made a related blog post on NewApps:

    Further discussion happened in (at least) two places:

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