New online: “LGBT po-russki”

From a reader, who welcomes help with the project!
We have something to share. We have just started an online project, “LGBT po-russki“. As a response to the Russian government’s anti-gay propaganda law and related outrageous incentives (check this  or this out), we are translating online LGBT resources into Russian to make them more accessible to the Russian community here.The current situation with LGBT rights in Russia keeps deteriorating. Russian media are filled with negative narrative either demonizing LGBT community or describing the inevitable misery of openly gay life (the most likely developments seem to be prison, torture by nationalist groups, or suicide). Most people in Russia do not know anyone who is openly gay, and they rely on the media to form their image of LGBT community.We want to counteract the demonization and martyrization of LGBT people in Russia by providing a positive narrative about alternative sexualities. We want to tell stories that a teenager coming out of the closet could share with their parents and friends, showing them that same-sex relationships and happiness are not mutually exclusive.

We contact you for two reasons. First, to share with you our project and our excitement about it. Second, to ask you to collaborate with us. How? In at least three ways:
A. By spreading the word among people who could be interested in it (you can also help spread the word by liking us on Facebook, following us on Tumblr and Twitter).
B. By putting us in contact with people who could be willing to collaborate with us (we need Russian-speaking volunteers to translate material into Russian, we need ideas, proposals, material,….)
C. By joining us. You can suggest possible material to include in our platform, share your ideas. (email us: lgbtporusski [at] gmail [dot] com)
We would appreciate any form of help. We are passionately invested in this project and full of hope that it can help us change the situation for LGBT people in Russia for better.

Nadya & Saray

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