Changing a child’s birthdate to marry her off.

Those of you who are still following the Turkish news may have noticed how all the women seem to have been replaced by mustachioed men. Right now, the focus is on corruption by members of the government, and – surprise, surprise – most of these are men.

But while all this is going on, let’s not forget that there are women in Turkey, and that those living in rural regions, or far away from the main cities, tend to have the hardest time of it.

So this: a 14 year old girl, found shot in the head, after her second baby was still born. Her in-laws are currently trying to persuade the courts that she killed herself, out of depression, while at the same time attempting to establish that her age was not, in fact 14.

According to the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, one out of every four brides is a child, with families increasingly applying to change their daughters’ birthdates so that they can legally marry.

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