Why Isn’t My Professor Black?

There are just 85 black professors out of 18,510 in the UK and the number has barely changed in eight years. The percent of black professors (0.4%) shows a striking disparity with the proportion of black students, which has increased steadily each year and now stands at 6%.

What does it mean when the generation that produces knowledge is so unrepresentative of the generation that consumes it? This panel debate will be chaired by Professor Michael Arthur, UCL President and Provost. It will aim to ask difficult questions and explore even more challenging solutions.

Networking reception to follow.

Professor Michael Arthur, Chair, UCL President and Provost
Dr William Ackah, Panel Member, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Lisa Amanda Palmer, Panel Member, Newman University
Dr Shirley Tate, Panel Member, University of Leeds
Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, Panel Member, UCL

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2 thoughts on “Why Isn’t My Professor Black?

  1. Women are underrepresented in general amongst academic faculty, and I’ve noticed even more so women of color. Women of color are also underrepresented as a population in our graduate student population, at least from what I’ve noticed, which just can’t be a coincidence.

    It’s time we really, really started talking about who goes to grad school, why, and how that translates into who is able to make it out of adjunct-dom into tenure or tenure-track positions.

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