Anscombe and Geach

Eric Schliesser has written on his new blog about the lack balance in talking about the achievements of couples, with reference to the Telegraph’s obituary of Geach. He points out that the writer assumes with worrying ease that Anscombe’s work owed to Geach, and suggests that maybe that isn’t true.

Of course, there is a sense in which most of us owe a lot to our partners in terms of support, help, ideas. And equally our partners owe much to us. But as Schliesser points out, maybe Geach wasn’t in fact the best possible philosophical partner for Anscombe, and certainly, as he also points out, he did not enrich her work in the way that Wittgenstein did.

The post, is here.

One thought on “Anscombe and Geach

  1. I actually saw a lot of them on their visits to the States. As always, Peter was clearly very proud to be her husband.

    I’m not sure what a good partner for a philosopher is. Living with someone with Wittgenstein’s influence might have eventually been oppressive.

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