Do pro-LGBTQ messages reach Russia?

The editors of the new tumblr, LGBT Po-Russki, which we posted about recently, send us their most recent editorial in English, hoping for your feedback and for sharing, to reach a wider audience. Last weekend, New York hosted PROPAGANDA: A Festival Celebrating Russian Voices. The Sunday session featured the reading of Tess Berry-Hart’s play SOCHI 2014 narrating real […]

Obama launches White House initiative focused on college sexual assault

Obama gave his task force 90 days to recommend best practices for colleges to prevent or respond to assaults, and to check that they are complying with existing legal obligations. The task force — which includes the attorney general and the secretaries of the Education, Health and Human Services and Interior Departments — was also asked for proposals to raise awareness of colleges’ records regarding assaults and officials’ responses, and to see that federal agencies get involved when officials do not confront problems on their campuses.

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