Philosopher for the White House Task Force

As we posted, President Obama launched a White House initiative focused on preventing and better responding to sexual assaults on campuses of higher education. Such a task force could and should have a philosopher on it.  Who would you add to this list?  We can suggest several:

  • Martha Nussbaum
  • Susan Brison
  • Patricia Hill Collins
  • Ann Cahill
  • Sarah Clark Miller
  • Larry May
  • Robin May Schott


6 thoughts on “Philosopher for the White House Task Force

  1. A philosopher with decanal or other administrative experience would be an asset. Some names come to mind: Ann Cudd, Tamar Gendler, Laurie Shrage, Louise Antony, Michele Moody-Adams, Debra Satz. Some other names: Connie Rosati, Ruth Chang, Elizabeth Anderson.

  2. Yes, I mentioned to the reader who floated this post-possibility that the task force membership was undoubtedly a foregone conclusion. She rightly pointed out, however, that there’s no reason to assume any task force membership circle is closed and padlocked. So name-bomb away!

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