4 thoughts on “Where are the women artists?

  1. Not bad. I’ll probably use this when I teach Nochlin’s article this spring as well. I’m friends with a woman who went to grad school at Yale in the 60’s (MFA). She tells tales of some of the men sabotaging‎ her work, e.g. tipping it over, damaging it, etc. Unforgivable.

  2. I used a doc for my Aesthetics class: Who Does She Think She Is? (http://www.whodoesshethinksheis.net/educational/) — found it a helpful reference point.

    I think Korsmeyer’s Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction (http://www.amazon.com/Gender-Aesthetics-Introduction-Understanding-Philosophy/dp/0415266599) is fantastic, addressing questions that are quite philosophically provocative on taste, status of genius, and the aesthetic function of disgust.

    Also, Nochlin updates her essay ‘thirty years after’ in Women Artists at the Millennium

  3. I think Nochlin’s essay is such a classic, but I also really like her more recent work, and that of Griselda Pollock, on Mary Cassat, Berthe Morrisot and others — nice, subtle readings.

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