7 thoughts on “More gendered products

  1. I have a pink tool set, given to me by my parents who have always been clear that my status as a woman did not preclude the ability to use tools. (My mother, for example, will happily re-shingle the roof). It has been a source of amusement that often my pink wrench was the only one (of the four or so that I own) to get me out of binds. It was the only one that could e.g. remove the last, awkwardly located, slightly stripped, slightly bent screw on my car’s battery.

  2. Wow, think I might buy some POWERFUL YOGURT. Always wanted to FIND MY INNER ABS.

    Do they also sell men’s honey? Because I like a little honey in my yogurt.

  3. There were many of these that I thought were reaching, especially when there are legitimate marketing differences for same products (children’s products-toothpaste, bodywash, etc. are especially bad about it) that it seems like far better examples could’ve been used.

    And when are we going to stop seeing pink as pejorative?

  4. I used to have the pink tool set too, a gift from some time ago. I guess i can’t begrudge the color per se, but the tools were garbage! Now I proudly own my own demolition saw. It’s gray, for what it’s worth, and it cuts through metal like a knife through soft butter.

  5. Diana, did you think the buzzfeed compilation implied pink was pejorative? I took the reference to pink in the captions over there to be disparaging of the use of pink to gender things rather than to be disparaging of pink itself.

  6. Mmmmm, new mansized Kleenex: it’s like blowing your nose into a wad of straw on a charcoal gray background.

    We source our new mansized tissues from the strongest, coarsest straw available and lace them with Kevlar reenforced carbon fibers, a bold new technology designed to contain mansized sneezes, which normally rip through weaker, inferior tissues.

    New mansized Kleenex. It’s not just another tissue. It’s a flack jacket for your nose.

  7. Not to be crass, but surely the intent of the “mansized Kleenex” is to target a non-nasal mucus source?

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