Confidentiality of APA site visits

There are so many different claims being made about this issue that I thought it needed its own post.  APA CSW site visit reports are confidential to the departments requesting them with two exceptions that are clearly flagged:

1. If the site visit request comes from a Dean, the Dean will get a copy of the report.

2. Some universities will be subject to freedom of information laws that might force release of reports.

Those who want to ensure that reports on their departments are not made public, then, should make sure that the request does not come from a Dean, and should check with legal counsel about freedom of information laws they may be subject to.

The site visit teams are, and have been, exemplary in sticking to these regulations.  So if neither of these exceptions applies, departments should not be concerned about publicity. (For Amy Ferrer’s statement on this, go here.)

See also the FAQ on the Site Visit Program.