Think there aren’t enough women in wikipedia?

You may want to go on this course, which is in part directed at people working to correct the gender imbalances:

From Pete Forsyth:
I will be teaching a free, six week, online course on editing Wikipedia, with a focus on improving Wikipedia articles related to Open Educational Resources starting February 25.

I taught this course three times last year. One of our central aims is to help our students navigate the kind of obstacles to Wikipedia engagement that are frequently discussed on this list; and our students have done excellent work, and generally had good experiences. (I acknowledge my bias in making this unsubstantiated claim, of course ;)
The course “Writing Wikipedia Articles”, known as “WIKISOO” for short, is offered through the School of Open, and with support from the University of Mississippi and the Hewlett Foundation. Co-instructors are Sara Frank Bristow of Salient Research and Dr. Robert Cummings of the University of Mississippi.

Please join us, and/or help spread the word in your circles!

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