A problem among students?

Let’s hope they know it isn’t just among students:

The U.S. Education Department’s chief enforcer of civil-rights laws said on Monday that her office would be working “faster and better” to make sure colleges abide by federal law in their handling of campus sexual assaults.

Catherine E. Lhamon, the assistant secretary of education who heads the department’s Office for Civil Rights, delivered that message to college officials attending a conference here at the University of Virginia called “Dialogue at UVa: Sexual Misconduct Among College Students.” Her statement came just weeks after President Obama promised governmentwide scrutiny of campus sexual assault and singled out college presidents, in particular, for their obligation to do more to keep students safe.

From the CHE.

One thought on “A problem among students?

  1. The failure of universities to respond appropriately sexual assaults and sexual harassment is part of a larger problem, namely, an implicit policy among administrators to sweep problems under the carpet and punish victims rather than addressing and fixing problems.

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