Feminists, therefore suspect

I did not expect to see, today, explicit denigration of the APA-CSW’s Site Visit program, on the basis of the members’ feminist commitments.  I was moved to write in opposition to the view that Site Visit teams are “unbalanced” when all its members are feminists, and I share it at What We’re Doing because I know not all of our FP readers frequent Leiter Reports, and because I won’t have time to moderate comments until a bit later today.  Feel free to comment at What We’re Doing, and be patient with the moderation (as this lunch break won’t last)! Excerpt:

I am mildly surprised to see the statement [from a reader], “There are plenty who wish to end sexual harassment in the profession despite having a very low opinion of ‘feminist philosophy.’” If there are plenty, and if the Physics colleagues have been successfully doing similar site visits for decades, then why didn’t the ‘plenty’ of philosophers who deplore feminists start a site-visit program? Indeed, feminist philosophers including Peggy DesAutels and Carla Fehr started the site visit programs in part because of their concern for women and gender issues. Now that they’ve done most of the work, it is somewhat insincere to argue that only one member of a site visit team can/should have such a view, and that the effort should be more “balanced.” The philosophy profession, on the whole, seems to have been content to let a few hard-working colleagues do a very unbalanced share of the work of improving this aspect of the profession.