Brian Leiter’s poll about reactions to the CU site visitors’ report

You can vote here:

I found it very difficult to vote. One has to remember it is about criticisms. I found a lot of comments worthwhile, but that doesn’t say that a lot of the criticisms were. Also, presumably CU’s handling of the report is not relevant, and so criticisms of that are not relevant.

I suppose you might also want to assess the criticisms about the role of feminist philosophers. Those tended to rest on a false assumption. One of the visitors does not work in feminist philosophy.

4 thoughts on “Brian Leiter’s poll about reactions to the CU site visitors’ report

  1. I discourage anyone from voting here. This is analogous to a SLOP or self-selected listener opinion poll. I posted links to a couple of sites that explain this further on my blog

  2. Noelle McAfee, I”m a bit surprised at the idea that anyone would think the ‘poll’ tells us anything more than that X people picked option 1, Y picked 2, etc. That unfortunately doesn’t mean people won’t draw conclusions from the poll. Right now the natural conclusion would be that the community is pretty evenly divided on the general question of whether the criticisms had any substantive merit. As you are pointing, informal polls don’t really support any such conclusion.

    Nonetheless, I’m not sure what in effect lowering the number of female votes would do. I would worry that that could harm the site visitor program. Perhaps you could explain?

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