SIUE Philosopher on the feminist selfie

If recent online conversations about selfie photos got past you, philosopher Alison Reiheld posts a really lovely overview and philosophical analysis of it here, “Unamused by My Erasure: Feminist Selfies and the Politics of Representation.” (Worth reading if only for that awesome caption, “Discipline schmiscipline.” I hope she writes her own captions.) The whole blog is worth checking out, but you have to keep scrolling down for posts, so take a look around!

3 thoughts on “SIUE Philosopher on the feminist selfie

  1. Yep. Captions written by self. I bring the tone down all by my lonesome, friends. :)

    Thanks for the bump, FP. The blog has a lot to offer because my excellent colleagues at SIUE’s Women’s Studies program all contribute interdisciplinary entries once or twice a month. They think thoughts I don’t.

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