Anti-gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria

As readers will know, Uganda and Nigeria have passed very similar anti-gay laws recently, making homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment (Uganda), or up to fourteen years in prison depending on the exact ‘offence’ (Nigeria). Official state legislation sanctions unofficial public violence against those known or perceived to be LGBT, so the situation is pretty grim. What should not be forgotten is the involvement of US evangelical groups with these laws. Dr. Kapya Kaoma, a Zambian clergyman and senior member of Political Research Associates (a think-tank advocating social justice) first drew attention to the activities of US evangelicals in this regard in 2009. He has argued that US groups have funded activities designed to counter gay rights across Africa. The situation is also examined by Jeff Sharlet, who traces links between a powerful US Christian group known as ‘The Family’, whose members include various high-ranking Congressmen, and leaders in Uganda, including David Bahati, who drafted the Ugandan anti-gay bill. According to Sharlet, the Family donated millions of dollars to anti-gay campaigns in Uganda.

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And go here for advice from Ugandan activists about how to help.

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  1. Glad to see those reports by PRA getting some attention – but their author is called Kapya Kaoma (not ‘Kipya’)

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