Feminist Philosophy Quarterly: coming soon to an internet near you!

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Feminist Philosophy Quarterly (FPQ) is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting feminist philosophical scholarship. We welcome submissions from all areas and traditions of feminist philosophy, and our goal is to be a platform for philosophical research that engages the problems of our time in the broader world.

As an open-access journal, our goal is to make feminist philosophical scholarship of the highest quality widely available, and so we are free to authors and to readers. We also aim to improve the presence and impact of women and feminist philosophers. We take considerations of implicit bias seriously, and employ the best practices of the profession, including triple-anonymous review.

We believe that all areas of feminist philosophical practice can contribute to social change, assisting those who strive for greater justice and equity and work against oppression in all forms. We endeavour to ally ourselves with others who are making such contributions.


  • Samantha Brennan
  • Carla Fehr
  • Alice MacLachlan
  • Kathryn J. Norlock

The website goes live and will be ready to start accepting submissions In June 2014.  We expect our inaugural issue to be published in January 2015.  Our next announcement will include contact and submission information.

It’s free, as it always should be!

NU student now suing Ludlow

From NBC Chicago:

A Northwestern University student who sued the University earlier this month, accusing them of failing to adequately follow up on her allegations of sexual harassment against a professor, is now suing that professor in state court. And the school’s student government organization has weighed in on the matter, demanding that the University reform its sexual harassment policies