Call for Diversity Teaching Materials

The APA Committee on Inclusiveness of the Profession is now soliciting teaching materials bearing on any area of philosophy among those that have traditionally been underrepresented in the curriculum including but not limited to the following:

• Africana Philosophy

• African American Philosophy

• Asian and Asian American Philosophy

• Feminist Philosophy

• Latin American Philosophy

• LGBTQ Philosophy

• Multicultural Philosophy

• Native American Philosophy

• Philosophy and Disability

• Philosophy of Gender

Subcategories and other categories may be added depending on the types of syllabus received. Syllabi for courses that have modules corresponding to underrepresented areas are also welcome (for example, a Philosophy of Art syllabus with a feminism module, or a Philosophy of Religion syllabus with an East Asian module).The requested materials will be posted in the APA website so that they can be available to instructors seeking to incorporate in their teaching some topics or courses relevant to those areas.

By sending samples of syllabi, topics, and/or suggestions for readings, you will be helping to promote diversity in the profession.

Teaching materials should be sent as email attachments to Susana Nuccetelli, chair of the APA Inclusiveness Committee, at this address: sinuccetelli(at)stcloudstate(dot)edu