Conference: Feminism, Embodiment and Technology

Feminism, Embodiment and Technology
UWE Graduate Philosophy Conference 2014 – Sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy
4 April 2014, UWE, Bristol

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Margrit Shildrick, Linköping University, Sweden.

The aim of this conference to explore, through feminist perspectives, the philosophical, political and sociological impact of technology’s relationship to the body.

Some of the most innovative and interesting work on technology’s relationship to the body has emerged in the latter half of the 20th century, through feminist discourses. We therefore want to address questions such as but not exclusive to: is technology gendered? Is our technological age underpinned by biopolitics? And can technology have an emancipatory affect vis-à-vis sexual and gender relations, or is the contemporary structure of technology complicit in forms and systems of domination?

We hope to bring together scholars and postgraduate students working in the contemporary domains of feminism, philosophy of embodiment and the philosophy of science & technology. Possible topics for presentation include but are not limited to:

• Feminist confrontation with technology
• Technologies of gender and sexuality
• Feminism and cognitive science
• Phenomenological critiques of technology
• Technology, nature and art
• Biotechnological politics

Please register (registration is free) by emailing uwegraduateconference2014 AT