Eric Schliesser replies to Current Student: Don’t be Demoralised

This blog post is a response to comment 36 here.

Please, don’t be demoralized, ‘current student’. Please don’t let threats of lawsuits (even if not directed at you personally) intimidate you. Don’t let the cowardly silence emanating from the distinguished named Chairs in the field scare you away from professional philosophy. Don’t let any ‘representative of the elite’ give you a false image of your possible contribution to philosophy.

Let me explain.

By speaking up, you are, in fact, developing, in part, your philosophical voice and contributing to the development of philosophy. We exist — as a community — to develop concepts that make experiences visible and by these (concepts) to improve the possible experiences of others and ourselves. Our shared practice can only develop faithfully and with integrity if we hear the voices that call us to our weaknesses and expose the norms by which we force a flattening conformity or rule of power, however petty, on each other.
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