Helen Tartar, Fordham editorial director, 1951-2014

It is with sadness, and deep appreciation for her help to so many, that scholars note the loss of Helen Tartar.  She has been praised as the best of editors, the most patient of souls, and an advocate without whom scholars would not complete their projects.   From Fordham University‘s website:

Tartar joined FUP as editorial director in October of 2003, after a 20-year career in scholarly publishing on the West coast. During the last decade, she helped strengthen FUP’s reputation in the traditional areas of philosophy and religion, and expanded far into other areas such as anthropology, literary studies, and political theory.

“Helen Tartar spent her career nurturing and promoting the work of other scholars,” said Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham. “In her, the humanities had an eloquent and tireless champion. Her loss is deeply felt at Fordham, personally and professionally. I know the University community joins me in holding her family and friends in our hearts and in our prayers.”

Update: John Protevi shares the link to a Memorial Page here.

Welcome to the blogosphere, DailyNous!

There’s a new kid on the virtual block, DailyNous.

It’s very early days for this new blog, but its comments policy is already a welcome contribution to the philosophy blogosphere:

9. Is there a comments policy? Yes. The comments policy is this: before you comment, imagine the following. You are seated in a comfortable chair at a table with all of the other commentators. You have gathered to discuss an issue of mutual concern, and you are aiming to learn something from the conversation. Take off your shoes if you’d like. Wriggle your toes. Appreciate the wonders of everyday life in the twenty-first century. On the table in front of you is your favorite beverage. Through the window is your favorite view. And seated next to you is a child, who you brought with you for a lesson on how to discuss controversial issues with strangers. Are you imagining all of that? Okay, now try commenting.

I might just make this the policy for the next grad seminar I teach too. It’s kind of awesome.

(h/t AM)

Bad news for women in UAE – legally enforced breastfeeding

The United Arab Emirates isn’t best known for its efforts to uphold women’s rights. So it’s no real surprise that they have just passed another oppressive law – women are now legally required to breastfeed for two years. They can be sued by their husbands for failing to do so. You can read more here.

UPDATE: It turns out that reports of the situation by many news sources are inaccurate. The law has not been passed. The legislation was drafted, but reaction to it has meant that it has not gone through. Thanks to Ned Block for clarifying the situation.