Bad news for women in UAE – legally enforced breastfeeding

The United Arab Emirates isn’t best known for its efforts to uphold women’s rights. So it’s no real surprise that they have just passed another oppressive law – women are now legally required to breastfeed for two years. They can be sued by their husbands for failing to do so. You can read more here.

UPDATE: It turns out that reports of the situation by many news sources are inaccurate. The law has not been passed. The legislation was drafted, but reaction to it has meant that it has not gone through. Thanks to Ned Block for clarifying the situation.

4 thoughts on “Bad news for women in UAE – legally enforced breastfeeding

  1. One of the philosophers at NYU-AD tells me that “laws” passed by the Federal National Council in the UAE are not operative until some further step has been taken and that the reaction to this one resulted in its being tabled.

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