9 thoughts on “Turkish Politicians wish you a happy international women’s day!

  1. …..they sound like they are quoting politician-clergymen from a thousand years ago……….

  2. While the quoted comments are beyond uncivilized (and make one despair for humanity), let’s not jump into “oh look at their terrible culture” bandwagon. Let’s remember that many in our own country (and I mean the U.S.) could make similar comments quite openly until quite recently…

  3. And indeed, many other countries! But this wasn’t so much meant to draw comments on Turkish culture. All these quotes are from members of the current ruling party, who’ve been making themselves rather unpleasant in all sorts of ways, especially in the last year.

  4. I mean, you wouldn’t necessarily take (or want to take) comments from the extreme wing of the Republican Party to be representative of ‘American culture’ would you? But you could still be horrified by them for what they are.

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