5 thoughts on “A terrific tumblr of feminists

  1. ‘I am going to take my husband’s name, and I am a feminist’?

    I am going to eat this chicken, and I am a vegetarian.

  2. Word, Ariadna.

    Also, it seems that all feminists are very traditional in their gender-presentation, don’t come off as ‘queer’ and have the socially approved normal-to-low BMI with no noticeable muscle definition (even when they are ‘athletes’).

  3. I like the Tumblr, thanks, Sam! It’s a good start to a good project. I disagree a lot, completely actually, with Ariadna’s comment. It reduces all that particular woman’s commitments to meaninglessness if she takes her spouse’s name. Really? Is Harriet Baber a walking oxymoron, then?, because I think Harriet Baber’s a feminist.

    Who know what the pictured woman’s most serious commitments are. It seems hasty to exclude her from the feminist community on the basis of the name thing.

  4. I’m under the impression that these are actual people in McGill law who identify as feminist? So not sure why their appearance (BMI, queer or non-queer presentation, etc.) is relevant?

    And, also, I agree with Kate.

  5. Hi KateNorlock and Monkey,

    I am not sure that what I said implies the reduction you mention. What I can say is this:

    if you declare a commitment to a cluster of principles, and in the same breath you proudly announce that you plan to do something that is anathema to those principles, I will wonder whether you understand the principles you say you are committed to, or whether you take your commitment to them seriously.

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