Careers events targetting bias-related issues?

I’ve heard from several people who are interested in putting together careers events for undergraduates that specifically target bias-related issues. Obviously, one big worry about such things is now incredibly demoralising it is to learn (for example) about the effect of a female or non-white name on CV review. This isn’t necessarily a reason not to talk about this, but I think it’s a legitimate worry given the horrendous job market they’re all going into, and given the desire not to make things worse for those already facing considerable barriers. Equally obviously, it would be useful to tell students about ways of overcoming stereotype threat, and about power posing. Any other thoughts about things that would be good or bad to do? Any insights from running or attending such events?

Scandanavian Gendered Panel Campaign (“TackaNej”)

Even in Scandinavia, well known for its large female political representation, public debate is dominated by men. Business conferences with a 100 percent male speaker lineup are not rare. Some of these men are tired of debating only men, and are taking action to change it.

In Sweden and Norway, male speakers are now refusing to participate in conferences and panel discussions without female representation.

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