This is the US criminal justice system

Rich white man gets no jail time for raping three year old. Meanwhile, they’re now seeking 60 years for Marissa Anderson’s warning shot in self-defence. Presumably I don’t need to remind you of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

[Of course, it isn’t just the *US* criminal justice system that behaves like this. But that’s where these particular recent examples are.]

6 thoughts on “This is the US criminal justice system

  1. The jury didn’t believe it was self-defense.
    I think the aggressiveness of the prosecutor has as much to do with the jurisdiction as with the race of the perp, too. Florida isn’t like Delaware.

  2. One of the most difficult parts of being involved with activist movements in the US is figuring out what to do/say/react to the justice system. And, maybe more importantly, to come up with ways to respond to these problems without appealing to it.

    When governments collapse or completely fail to do what they’re designed to do, we refer to it as a “failed state.” I don’t think it would be excessive to say that our justice system in the USA is basically the equivalent. We just don’t have a term for it.

  3. I don’t dispute your claim about the rich white man.

    But I don’t see how you can assert with confidence that Marissa Anderson was firing in self-defense. She had a fight with her husband, left the scene, got the gun, returned to the scene, and shot. It’s not self-defense if the accused has the ability to leave the scene, let alone if she actually does leave and then returns. Also, the shot was fired towards her husband and hit the wall six inches above his head. If that’s a warning shot, it’s an awfully risky one. That being said, her case likely shows that the law that gets her a minimum of 20 years for firing a gun while committing a felony is too harsh.

    The US justice system certainly isn’t blind when it comes to race, sex, gender, or class. But to expose this effectively requires more careful attention to the facts of the cases. I think the left’s reaction to the Marissa Anderson case has been sadly knee-jerk.

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