Marks and Sparks: diversity advocate?

I hope I get some help from people closer to the scene if there are nuances I’m not picking up on.

Here’s the thing, inspired by an article in the Guardian, I was trying to figure out the relative prevalence of the NEW crop tops in the UK and the States.  The NEW ones do not display one’s belly button.  Rather, they reveal one’s belt.

From the Guardian:

Struck by the idea that I was going to show up in England with completely passe long tops, I started to look for the NEW crop tops in the States. However, I couldn’t find any on the US sites I tried, so I decided to try UK sites.  I learned that as a fashion trend the NEW ones are very new, since they don’t have much of a presence.

so I turned to a site mentioned, Marks and Spencer’s, where I discovered their new ‘leading ladies’ campaign.  The outstanding women are photographed by Fran Liebowitz Annie Leibovitz, by the way.  

Though I never got a very good take on the prevalence of the NEW crop tops, I did discover an interesting campaign at Marks and Sparks.