Needed: more papers by women philosophers

For the Central Division APA
Posted at the request of the program chair.


Please also see the general submission guidelines.

Paper submission deadline for the 2014 meeting: June 1, 2014

The meeting is usually held in February or March. Selections are announced in September, or before when possible.

Central Division submission deadline: June 1. Membership materials (dues payments from members who still owe dues for the current fiscal year and membership applications from new applicants who are joining the APA for the first time) must be received no later than May 20th in order for them to be processed before the June 1 deadline for paper submissions.

Papers exceeding 3,000 words will not be considered as colloquium papers. Abstracts for colloquium papers must not exceed a length of 150 words.

Submissions for consideration as symposium papers must not exceed a length of 5,000 words. Abstracts for symposium papers must not exceed a length of 300 words. Authors should be aware that only a few papers are selected for presentation as symposium papers. If authors wish to have a shortened version of their paper considered as a colloquium paper, they should submit the appropriately shortened version, along with a shortened abstract, simultaneously with the submission of the symposium paper.

The Central division will not include a paper on its meeting program if that paper (1) has already been presented or is scheduled for presentation on the main program of another APA divisional meeting or (2) has been accepted for publication and will have actually been published prior to the Central division meeting in question. If a paper is accepted for presentation and the program committee subsequently learns that it will have been published prior to the meeting, then that paper will be withdrawn from the meeting program.

Graduate student travel stipends

The purpose of graduate student travel stipends is to assist graduate students whose papers have been accepted for the programs of the divisional meetings.

Eligibility is restricted to APA members or associate members who are graduate students in residence and in good standing at a M.A. or Ph.D. program in philosophy.

To be considered for these awards, a paper must be accompanied by a separate cover page indicating that the paper is in competition for a graduate student stipend. There must also be a letter verifying that the student is in residence from the department chair or graduate advisor. Length, format, and other aspects of papers must conform to the rules of the program for submitted papers. See the paper submission guidelines for specifics.

Papers for this competition will not be identified to the program committee as such until accepted for the program.

A $300 stipend will be awarded for any paper written by a graduate student that is accepted by the program committee in its normal, blind-review process [sic]. Winners will be announced in the printed program.

Postmarked deadline for submissions: June 1.