Sessions on disability at conferences

The recent discussions about an APA committee regarding disability & the profession ( or something at least a bit like that) reminded me of a very serious problem that can arise when one tries to arrange sessions on disability at an APA conference. No doubt some readers are painfully aware f this problem, but not all conference organizers may be.

The problem is that at least the Central Division has little spare money. Traveling for some disabled philosophers can involve considerable extra expenses. When I was 2013 program chair we lost one or two potentially very interesting sessions because of funding.

Does anyone know of any travel funding source that could help? If not, given an APA committee may not be in place this coming academic year, it might be appropriate to brainstorm a bit. Might students be willing to help in exchange for a shared room, for example? It could be easier to donate a room for the APA, if I remember right.

What do you think?