Query: Climate Survey Experience?

From Mari Mikkola:

We at the Humboldt-University, Berlin, have recently done a faculty-wide climate survey and are in the process of reviewing the findings. With this in mind, I’m hoping to get in touch with colleagues who have done one at their institution already. We would be interested to hear about your publicly available results, whether there were some particular problems in going through the processes of information-acquisition and –review, whether you have any helpful tips in general. We are asking for this information so that we can compare our results and see how they fare with international counterparts. We’d also appreciate any tips so that we can improve the survey for the future. If you’d rather not respond on the pages of this blog, please email me directly at mari.mikkola[at]hu-berlin.de. Communications will be treated confidentially if need be, and the survey task force will not reproduce any information without permission.

Many thanks in advance!